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Ordering Information

Hello Website Shoppers,

Due to product shortages and unstable pricing Yellow Dog is currently unable to offer on-line ordering.

Below is our list of products that are currently available for purchasing.  Please stop by the store to place your order or send us a email at yellowdog@telus.net.

Our team is ready to help you.                
Deb, Bruce & The Yellow Dog Team


Anita's Organic All Purpose 20kg

Anita's Organic Whole Wheat 20kg

Rogers Organic All Purpose 20kg

Rogers Organic Whole Wheat 20kg

Three Star All Purpose 20kg

Rye Organic Dark 20kg

Rice Brown & White 11.34kg


Granola #3  22.68kg

Large Flake #5  22.68kg

Large Flake Organic #5  22.68kg

Quick 22.68kg


Lundberg Organic White Basmati 11.34kg

Lundberg Organic Brown Basmati 11.34kg

Lundberg Organic Long Brown Grain 11.34kg

Lundberg Organic Short Brown Grain 11.34kg


Red & Brown


Black Organic 10kg

Black 10kg

Pinto Organic 11.34kg

Pinto 10kg

Navy Organic 10kg

Garbanzo Organic 11.34kg

Garbanzo 10kg

Kidney 10kg


Raw Organic 25kg

White 25kg

Brown 25kg


Sea Fine 22.68kg

Sea Coarse 22.68kg

Himalayan Fine 22.68kg

If you're seeking a item not listed please send a email our way (yellowdog@telus.net) and will do our best to source it for you.

Cheers Deb & Bruce


to the Yellow Dog Bulk and Whole Foods experience.
It is truly an experience of culinary wonder, with gourmet specialties, from unique pastas and sauces to hand-crafted cheeses and crackers to a world of exotic spices and a dazzling display of decadent sweets.

We offer another experience

as well.
The small store experience. The experience of being greeted by someone who wants to get to know you

not simply as a customer

but as a person, as a vibrant part of our free-spirited community. 

The “Whole Foods”

in our name is

our pledge.

The products we stock will

be as far as possible free

of artificial additives;

that our shelves will be stocked with Whole Foods

for the body, mind and soul. And that we will work hard to minimize or eliminate

single-use plastic.

Store Hours


9:00am to 4:00pm

Tuesday to Friday

9:00am to 5:30pm

671-D Plaza Rd

Quathiaski Cove, BC